OpenAura/Clockwork (Experienced) Lua coders wanted!

Greetings Facepunch community,

I’m requesting Lua coders for a roleplaying community that’s running a Hl2 server at the moment. I’m looking for clockwork/openaura lua coders to code some things in for me. I have absolutely no idea when it comes to coding, I fail otherwise I’d do it myself. I need coders who can add weapons, and design things like; Example: A drivable, four to 6 man APC, with a weapon system and damage system. Playable Synthetics, such as Hunters, Gunships and Striders. My request has nothing to do with making money, I’ve just got this dream of a perfect or almost perfect Hl2rp server. Anyway, My request is Experienced Coders. And if need be, I will offer payment for your services. I’m not very wealthy, but I do have money to offer. $100 dollers max as I’m currently unemployed.

Things that will be requested.

Drivable/Spawnable Combine APC/Helicopter with weapons and a hp system (Destructible)
Weapon packs to be coded in.
Playable Synthetics, such as Hunters, Gunships and Striders.
And other changes to increase general enjoyability and immersion on the server.

Contact details as follows;

Thanks Punch community.

you will have more luck here

whew! sounds like you have a lot planned, hope you find someone dedicated enough. You could always ask previous ‘lua vehicle’ creators for permission to use their work, might save you some money and someone else time.

Thanks for the advice mate. :slight_smile: That sounds like a good place to start.