[OpenAura/Clockwork] Quick Voices Adder

Made a program in VB.NET just now for people to be able to easily customize their voices file. I did this because I always hated messing something up by getting a typo or something in there. With this, all you need to do is navigate to your voices file, add the activation text, “say” text, and voice path, and the program will add it for you.

Download Link - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32687773/Voices%20Adder.exe

List of voice paths - http://maurits.tv/data/garrysmod/wiki/wiki.garrysmod.com/index8f77.html?title=Half-Life_2_Sound_List

Credits: Aeonhack (for Deumos theme)

The program is not obfuscated, so if you think it’s a virus or anything, you can take a look into the source. I’ll update this every now and then and add options (like Dispatch voices and checking if the voice path is a valid path).

Please give me feedback on what I should add and how I can make it better.

[VB.NET] Source

Facepalm Seriously… Are you high?

This is absolutely useless because editing a openAura or Clockwork voice.lua is totaly easy even without lua knowledge.

How does this help the typo error though? You still have to enter the path manually, maybe a selection box for voice path would work better.

I would sometimes accidentally erase more than what was supposed to be erased (like a ’ or something) and that would mess it up. Today I will add dispatch and have it check if a file (that has the full voice list) contains the voice path you are trying to use. That way the only way you can mess up is with the activation text and say text (which is easy to not mess up).

So this is a tool to help the lazy get lazier? Don’t you think this’ll ruin the paychecks people get for adding voices for those who are too stupid to figure it out themselves? Whatever. The theme is ugly.

I agree that it’s easy, but I made this to prevent errors and make it so that you can quickly add voices. Besides, I think most people would want to look at a simple GUI rather than a bunch of code.

Source code?

Will add when I get home.

I agree, The stereotypical coder is meant to be determined and do his work without any lazy shortcuts, this is just L.A.Z.Y


Isn’t that a slight bit racist too? o_O

Who cares? :V

Just got home.

[VB.NET] Source

Program is not yet done so don’t bash me :V

Adding in dispatch now. The code I posted is newer than the program you have downloaded. I’ve also remembered that the Clockwork method will probably not work with the new Clockwork, so I’m adding in variables where you can choose what the program writes.

UPDATE: Added Human voices and a notification will show in the bottom right if it was successfully added, along with playing a sound.