OpenAura Help

I have a problem making a custom class for my custom OA schema. Ive made 2 seperate factions that work perfectly but the third one has a problem. You can assign the whitelist fine, make your character and everything, but then you click tab and go to scoreboard, the class says Unassigned. Any help would be appreciate, thanks.

oa is a leak and is not supported

Ever thought that he bought it legitly? but anyway its probably leaked

Even if he did buy it legally, kurozael doesn’t support openAura anymore.

And? He’s asking for help. He’s not asking kurozael for help - he’s asking for help.

Thank you to all who believe that I bought it, which I did. And well I know Kuro’s no longer supporting it, thats why I asked here. Well whatever help would be appreciated.

We would need the code of the third faction/class, else you could also ask for cookies.

You need to have the faction created both in the faction and class folders. Kuro is weird that way.