OpenAura: New Vegas HELP!


I’ve encountered this issue and I’ve looked for help literally everywhere and I’m starting to lose faith.
I recently got my hands on OpenAura: New Vegas (Gamemode) and it works fine and all…
But each time I run I get this error spammed in the top right corner of my screen:

ewvegas\gamemode\plugins\stamina\sv_hooks.lua:61] attempt to perform arithmeticon local ‘attribute’ (a nil value)(Hook: SetupPlayerVisibility)”

I think it might be because of OpenAura which is set up so you have to choose attributes and stuff, but New Vegas doesn’t seem to use these attributes and you don’t get tired of running.

Could anyone please assist me with this?

Thank you.

If you’re using the purchased copy, bug Conna. That’s what you pay for - support, not the script itself.

If you’re using the leak, provide a link so as someone with extortionate amounts of time (not me) can help you further.

I can help you out I guess, depends if it’s a bitch to fix or not. ???

Probably where he got it, Kuro’s gamemodes are notorious for breaking all the time.


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why doesn’t kuro know how to use his own gamemode >:|


There’s your problem, you need to use a non-shitty gamemode.

Then what’s a “Good” gamemode after your opinion?
DarkRP? I’ve been there. It sucked.

I don’t usually agree with you, and you don’t usually with me, but damn I just laughed hard.

Laughed so hard at that picture of “Kurofaggot”
Do you actually think that was Kuro?

And obviously he just failed to install the gamemode properly.

This. Don’t use OpenAura at all, use Tiramisu, it has all the fancy features that OpenAura has, but it’s FREE and BETTER.

Or you can just use Nofear’s penis-mode.

Just don’t go there, auli.

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Where the hell did that post go?

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