[Openaura] Openaura is initializing then fades and nothing happens?

Hey Facepunch community, I have a bit of a tid bit problem over here.

Recently, after the whole valve/gmod update, our HL2RP server stopped working correctly.

Heres two screenshots of it fading then nothing:



Was there a patch in that valve/garrysmod update that derped Openaura? I noticed the same issue on some other servers as well. Is there a quick/hotfix to solve this? Much appreciated :smiley:

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Any help is much appreciated. Hopefully a lua change or somthing can fix it ;D

My server got hit too.
My coder just says to wait for the next update and hope that Garry was able to fix it.
(Just wait it out! Even though it does still suck to have to wait :|)

Are you using a paid for version or a cracked version? If you’re using a cracked version it’s massively broken. If you’re using a payed for version you SQL probably isn’t set up correctly.

  1. Create a new DB user named “ODRP” without any password.
  2. Block any outside connections to this user (for security reasons).
  3. Put the informations in your mysql.cfg.
  4. OA works! Problem Conna?

Mine does that too

What’s your mysql config?
I used to have this problem, turns out I had the port with the host…