OpenAura strangest problem I have ever had... :S

Hey all, I´m using OpenAura 1.13, I was with my server for some days without problems, but today this is what happened to the server… (it´s linux, ubuntu)

The doors, lights and other things are fucked up, Idk why, it´s epically strange.

What I have already done:

  • Reinstalling server from scratch, deleting everything.

  • Millions of possible solutions, as truncate MySQL tables.

  • Settings of OpenAura removed.

  • Tested more maps like c18 v1.

  • This works perfect on my computer! not on the machine!

etc etc…

See some screenshoots:

ALL doors fucked up, with strange jail model:

ALL lights fucked up

What the hell?

Please, somebody can tell me what´s goin on?


ubuntu happened
Seriously, get a better distro.

I don’t think OA is compatible with ubuntu