[OpenAura] Stuck on retrieving server config

I seem to be having a strange issue with OpenAura. When I join the server, it gets stuck on “Please wait while the server config is retrieved”. All the modules, Lua files, etc. are on the server. I also believe MySQL is set up properly. Though, the host I use for MySQL (http://freemysql.net) is extremely slow. The only reasons I host with them are because it’s free and it provides remote connections (which is needed for OpenAura). I doubt the host is the issue, however. On the other hand, if you do know of a better (free) host that allows remote connections, please let me know. I only get one Lua error in the console (which is probably unrelated)…

Couldn’t include file ‘sh_coms.lua’ (File not found) (@openaura\gamemode\openaura\sh_core.lua (line 3059))

The sh_coms.lua file is there by the way. I’m baffled by the error. If you have any suggestions on how to fix this error, please let me know. Thanks.

Oh yeah, and I’d like to let you know that I am NOT hosting HL2 RP, so you don’t have to worry about another generic roleplay server by helping me. Thanks again.

I’ve used freemysql.net before, and it works fine. I think it might be that you didn’t put in information properly in mysql.cfg.

It can’t be. The mysql.cfg was configured at the same time that I got the database.

Localhost is the most reliable host for as long as you’re testing.

It’s probably a dumb question, but did you upload the .sql file to your database? If you have the characters and players table on the left hand side, then you did it right. Also, when you input the host part in the .cfg file, you put in the IP from the top of the control panel page, right?

True, but I can’t exactly use localhost since I’m not hosting the server from my PC.

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Yes, I did all of these things.

You’re not hosting your game server on your own PC? I’m not sure if you’re using a GSP or a friend’s or of the like, but I know some GSP’s disallow certain file extensions, like .dll, to be uploaded. I don’t really know much from your OP, but this is what I assume.

My GSP allows me to upload dlls. It’s one of the main reasons I host with them, honestly. I don’t have to jump through hoops and wait for support tickets and shit to upload my modules. As said, all the modules are there. Thanks for your help, by the way.

Edit: In case you’re wondering, I host with Vilayer. I know there are MUCH better providers out there, but Vilayer is the only one I can afford.

That’s a very insecure host, wow… anyone could easily destroy their company with a Garry’s Mod server…

Either way, make sure your console is error free. The only way to truly debug your server is to look at the console and see what lua errors are spitting out, honestly. There’s too many things that can go wrong to make that happen.

What Sharkey said above me. It could be something else, but usually when this gamemode doesn’t load past the grey screen and that text, it means that it can’t connect to the mysql server. But I’m convinced that you set up everything properly. By the way, does your game server come with a mysql database? I’m going to guess its not free if you have to use a free host site.

I did. The only error in the server console was a missing sh_info.lua file missing from one of the plugins in your thread. The one I posted in the OP was one I got out of my client console after joining the server.

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Unfortunately, Vilayer won’t give me a MySQL database unless I purchase web hosting.

Depends on the way they have their servers setup.

deaded38, you don’t see any other errors?


Its really the MySQL stuff bro, either that or some fail lua code in the OpenAura start menu.

Well if you want web hosting I can hook you up.

I’m assuming it’s free. If so, that would be great. Just PM with the details. I’ve never used actual web hosting before, so excuse my ignorance of anything related to it.

No shit…