Openaura superadmin

hello to all of Facepunch I have a small question to ask because I have no fucking idea to not like me XD superadmin for the fallout in the game and if someone passes the command would appreciate is the fallout openaura xd.


uhhh… okay

so what exactly do you want?

I don’t understand?

This is not an OpenAura support forum. Go figure it out yourself or bother Conna, after all, that’s what you pay him for. Or if you pirated it. Well, then shame on you.

XD Xd xd xD


Unnecesary shitpost is unnecesary.

Pirated it? You talk like OpenAura is Photoshop.

Without Garry, no OpenAura.

I think he is saying how do you give someone superadmin scoreboard > left click on playermodel > SetGroup > Super Admin