OPENED TODAY (2/3/14) [EU][Sleepers Off][PVP][StarterKit][Instacraft][Oxide & DoorShare][Teleportation] [Active Admin]

you looking for a server with Working addons TP Home instacraft Airdrop Mass’s PvP Remover Tool Active admins?
if so Join Us brand new server (NO SCHUDULED WIPES.) net.connect
Instant Crafting
-50 Slots
-Passcode Doors
-Building removal (Owners)(Pick Axe)
-Sleepers On
-C4 Drops
-Deluxe Starter Kit (auto)Bow and Arrows,Food,Campfire, Sleeping bag
-Coolest admins around
-Join now as its a new server establish a lead early


Events: Arena, Race to Mount EverRust, Stash

MODS: Oxide

PVP: Yes


WIPE: Scheduled: Never.
ADMINS: 1 Admin, Non Abusive. No admin tools.


AIRDROPS: Minimum Airdrops 10. Mass Airdrops 30.

Rules: -No cheating! (cheaters will be banned directly by our active admins) -No glitching! (will also make you kicked or banned) -No griefing! (Raiding is allowed, but replacing the doors after an raid is not allowed)

Come And join us today
And Receive 500 Free Wood!!!