OpenGL Ripping from BrawlBox

Alright so I know there are people here who know how to do this, this being using OGLE to rip from BrawlBox so they can port Brawl models. But I don’t understand how to do this I guess because BrawlBox displays the model perfectly and according to my graphics card specs I should be able to do this.

When I try copying the OGLE stuff into the BrawlBox folder along with GLintercept’s stuff all I get are these 3 things: gliInterceptLog.txt, a folder named DisplayLists and a folder named Images.

I don’t get a .obj file like I should be getting in my BrawBox folder if I understand correctly.

I’d really like to do this but I’m having little success. Could anyone possibly upload their folder of BrawlBox they use to somewhere like Megaupload or something and let me try using that?

Also telling me which key I’m supposed to press would help as well.

Thanks to anyone who can help me. I’ll share all my brawl rips publicly with all costumes if I’m successful.

Please could anyone assist me? Am I supposed to be able to view the models in some viewer after glIntercept?

Okay maybe anyone who could help me doesn’t want to me to release the models I rip here. And I’m fine with that. Please could anyone at least post?

I haven’t seen this thread before…
This may help:
This tutorial is pretty good, download the tools they provide and you will be able to export brawl models in .dae.
I don’t know how to texture them though…

Well thanks for the reply Vert I’m glad to at least had someone try to help. I’ve already seen that tutorial and it’s really quite outdated as Brawlbox can export directly to .dae with textures. But the issue is that it only works on trophy models which you then would have to T-pose and all that. In the Brawl thread several users mentioned knowing how to use OGLE (openGL ripper) to rip the T-posed player models out of the viewer. But I don’t understand the process on how to do that.

Just download some .pac or .pcs files from here:

Those are all already t-posed.

I know that. They’re exactly what I’m trying to rip. But BrawlBox doesn’t export the .dae correctly. That’s why luigimario and others ripped with OpenGL ripping tool OGLE but I can’t get my settings to work.

Hmmm. I don’t know how to help you, sorry…

Well thanks for at least trying. That means a lot to me Vert.

Let’s see I’m pretty sure luigimario was one of the people who had done this. Should I just pm him since he and no one else who knows how to do this is replying?

I’d do that.

Alright. Will do.