Opening a new server

Hey people,

Just wondering if anyone would be intrested in helping me with a new GMod Server (It would run custom Jailbreak and be quite unique)

Just a thought

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Began working on Jailbroken

The amount of detail in this thread is astonishing.

Are you going to do any of the work?

From past experiences, I can pretty much guess no. He’s probably going to want someone to do all the work with false hopes that it’ll become “popular.”

ill help i know how to code php lol XD111oneone

Derp, Actually I am coding the gamemode. I just need admins

Ill be an Admin, seriously

Cool, PMd

Heh, that way of picking admins is just… Destined to fail.

Yeah, you will be better asking people you trust and know to administrate your server. Otherwise you will end up with 12 year old power hungry admins who flip out at the slightest thing and randomly ban people for stupid reasons, this will ultimately drive people away from your server.