Opening console crashes game

I’ve had this problem for about a month now but it’s only now starting to really get on my nerves, every time i hit the “`” key to open my console, it crashes my game, whenever i’m on a server or in single player it does. I’ve tried uninstalling Garry’s Mod and re installing it fresh and it still does it, I’ve tried remapping console to a different key and it still isn’t working, please anything you guys can do to help is appreciated, thanks.

Try rebinding the console key? Something like f10 should do, post back if it still happens.

Whoops, didn’t see that.

I also had this problem for a while. The only way is solved it was by updating to the ‘dev’ branch of Gmod, downloading it from GitHub. Sadly this means I can’t actually play on servers (I get a client is outdated error), but you might be able to opt into the beta version of the game through right click>advanced>betas and that might fix it, yet allow you to connect to outdated servers. Give it a go, if all else fails I suggest you disable console in advanced options to prevent yourself from accidentally crashing.

Yeah it seems to be a bug in the current version of Garry’s Mod, a lot of people have had this issue but there’s no known fix as far as I know for the current version

I tried doing the beta version but i couldn’t join any servers, i suppose ill just wait until there is an actual fix for the problem.

Try to validate your gmod files and if that doesn’t work go to options and then reset to default settings and then change console keybind.

I’ve tried both of those but neither worked, i did those before, i just forgot to mention them in my original post.