Opening Scenes to Reboot of Dunce Hat Warrior

Hey everyone! So I’ve read your feedback, and let the criticism soak in. I believe I’m ready to start the Dunce Hat Warrior series anew with this reboot. All the problems of the original show should be corrected with this new approach. I hope you like what you see so far, as the video below is the opening scenes to the first episode of the new season to Dunce Hat Warrior.

“Acceptance” will show the titular character and the city’s populace coming to terms with the mistakes he made in the first season. For those who don’t know, the first season showed the hero getting fooled into killing most of the world’s superheroes, thinking they were villains. Upon the revelation that he was led astray, he went on a convoluted journey that eventually ended with him killing the villain who tricked him.

This season retcons that journey by removing certain plot holes and actually explaining why the Dunce Hat Warrior isn’t in jail for what he did. Now he aids the few remaining superheroes in their mission to make the world a safer place, but most people–even his fellow heroes–still haven’t forgiven him for his crimes.

I gotta say I like it a lot more without the narration.

The narrator was one of the main things that had to go.