Opening Skin Files in GIMP

Okay so I’m attempting to skin, and Gimp won’t open the .vmt or .vtf files. I Was told that Gimp would work in a previous thread

So how do i open the files?

Use VTFEdit to get the files out, then copy them into gimp from there.

Thanks if at all possible can i get a link? I Got one version but my computer said the files were corrupted…

Gimp is the shit.

Use VTFEdit to convert the .vtf file to .jpg or .png, whatever, and then open it up in Gimp edit, import to VTFEdit and save as .vtf.

The .vmt file is just a code that specifies how the player interacts with it i.e. what sound it makes when you walk on it/shoot it.

okay thanks it works great