Opening ULX motd on ENT:Use

How to do this?

Send a usermessage to the client to tell him to open it or make him run a console command to open it

Can you use ENT:Use in cl_init?

Serverside only.

No thats why you need to use a console command or usermessage

If you have a console command to open the MOTD then just do:
function ENT:Use(activator, caller)
activator:ConCommand(“open_motd”) --Whatever the concommand is

To other coders: Right?

Why do you ask if its correct you are simply making tiny edits to the examples from the wiki if you were getting it wrong then you would be more of an idiot than you already are

Just trying to be humble, and I know I am a noob, so I make stupid errors.

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(Such as making it
function ENT.Use
instead of
function ENT:Use
, which I did, in case you’re wondering).