Opening Webpages in Steam Overlay

I’ve seen that some servers have command where if you type them in chat a website would open in the Steam overlay (shift+tab menu).

Does anyone know how to do this?

For example, how would I make a script to open in the Steam overlay?

-snip- Apparently my suggestions is stupid, when it works just as well as the one below me.

I would use the OnPlayerChat hook, that’s client side
[lua]hook.Add(“OnPlayerChat”, “PlayerChat OpenGoogle”, function(ply,str)
if str and str:lower()=="!google" then --Replace with your own check
if ply==LocalPlayer() then gui.OpenURL( “” ) end --Your url here

  return true


Thanks for the help. I’m a noob so how would I get the commands to echo in the chat?

just take out the ‘return true’ and they’ll appear in chat normally

I’m trying to get errors in the server console, please help!

here’s how I’m testing it out.

You’re trying to get errors? Or do you mean you are getting errors? What errors are you getting?