OpenLoad - The first open-source sv_loadingurl framework!


I’m happy to announce that OpenLoad, the very first open-source, fully responsive sv_loadingurl framework is in out! Yes, you read right, a framework;

[Installation Instructions]
[Custom Template Instructions]

How can this be a framework?
OpenLoad is both a “finished loading screen” and a framework.
You can download & install it on your web space and use one of the pre-made templates that’s already in there if you want. (See the videos below)
You can also create a custom template in HTML & CSS without needing to make that Steam API call or database queries as they’re already built into OpenLoad and there to serve you. If you’re interested in making your own template, read the Custom Template Instructions

How do I design my own templates?
Strictly through HTML & CSS and optionally Javascript/jQuery. For OpenLoad to work with your design, you have to include jQuery, preferably by Google’s CDN.
Read the Custom Template Instructions page on GitHub.

• Fetches Player Info from Steam API.
• Steam Player Info Caching (Since Steam API is really slow, concurrent users name and avatar gets cached each time they join the server)
• Framework features, all the back-end you need is already in OpenLoad.
• Pre-made templates, simply install and use, no coding whatsoever required.
• Fetches DarkRP Money (Requires DarkRP to be running with MySQL data provider)
• Fetches Pointshop Points (Requires Pointshop to be running with MySQL data provider)
• Powered with AJAX calls (This means that the page contents such as images, music, etc is loaded whilst the back-end code is executed, instead of after)
• Garry’s Mod ready Javascript functions

Soil Template:
Vindsvept for composing the background music. Composition name: Vindsvept - Lake of Lights

StrapQuery Template:

awesome work!

Great Job Man, gonna make a template for my server!

Looks great in your demo, but when I upload it to my webspace and try it out, I get stuck on “Loading data…”

man that looks good :dance:

I still don’t understand what you could really do with this…

The reason this happens is because your not specifying any URL parameters. The index.php expects ?template=sometemplate&sid=1

What you do is you write your HTML markup, simply adding id=“steamid” to the element you want to contain the SteamID, and id=“playerimage” to the img element and OpenLoad replaces it for you, without coding any back-end or javascript at all.

absolutely beautiful, you have a perfect eye for design.

Wow that is helpful. I’ll be sure to use it :slight_smile: thanks!

I did specify these. I have two webspaces. One with allow_url_fopen true and one with false. Both have the same problem. Try it out for yourself:

I would be very happy if you could help me with this problem, because I realy like the idea of OpenLoad and want it on my server :).

I can see the AJAX returns a 500 internal error, and I can see I forgot to change a parameter on this line:

Change line #33 in file src/core/ajax.php to:

$ol = new OpenLoad($sq, $communityid, $steam_api_key, $mapname);

(basically, change $sc to $sq on the first parameter.)

I’ll push the fix right away.

Thank you for your fast reply, but it still doesn’t seem to work. I have to go now, but maybe we can chat in a few hours?

Have you edited the src/config/ file yet? Works fine on my end.

Yes, pasted my Steam API key in it etc. Do I have to rename it or something? I don’t want to spam this theard, so should I add you in Steam?

It seems like you have allow_url_fopen to false on both hosts. Run a php_info(); on both and see what you get.

Output here is it enabled
second output here it is disabled and the php version is not the latest.
Hope that helps.

The only problem I’ve been encountering so far, is that the clients connect way too fast for the loading screen to actually load. :v:

Any idea on how to improve loading times?

“It’s not possible to speed this process up, due to Steam’s API being as slow as they are. Might be able to make some improvements and maybe add a workload that fetches the Steam API data later. I will add a caching service aswell.”

In index.php, add this to the first line on mirror 1:

error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

Reload the page and press F12 (Chrome) and go to the Console, you should get an error message in there about what the actual problem is.

Its just this error:

That 500 (Internal Server Error) should be replaced with the actual error with error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT).

Try adding ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1); aswell.

This time, to the ajax.php.