OpenLoad - The first open-source sv_loadingurl framework!

Started designing a shizton of template ideas in paint, until I took the original template in-game…

Only parts of the loading screen actually work.

Should I continue brainstorming ideas or should I stop here?

The template works perfectly fine for both me and others. You probably forgot to edit the configuration.

New template added:


(I’m happy with it)

Looks great, will have to be the default laoding screen for my project.

Glad you enjoy!

Btw, the music used in the loading screen is composed by Vindsvept. He composes great music, show some love!

How can I enable it to work with the databases? I added it into the config, but dosn’t seem to show on loading screen.

What type? DarkRP and/or pointshop? Make sure it has a MySQL database and if the database is hosted on another machine than the webserver, the MySQL instance needs to allow remote connections.

So right now i got this running
But i want to change the background to something more fitting, do you by any chance have any extra background videos laying around? Or perhaps you know a easy way to make a slideshow of pictures as background.

Sorry, I don’t. You can make a slide with jury.

Hmm so I have a server running with DarkRP and Pointshop. And it doesn’t show the money or points. DarkRP is MySQL enabled and openload is MySQL enabled. Do they all have to be using the same databases or something?

They both requires to be in the same database. I’ll look into this when I get back home (Sunday) and see if there’s an issue somewhere in the class.

Yeah I merged the two databases and its working fine now.

Right now I feel like this project is officially out of beta.

I wonder if there’s anything else you’d want me to add to it except more templates? MySQL support for other kind of services? Improvements?

Maybe MySQL support for having pointshop and darkrp in different databases?

I think OpenLoad is pretty finished. I didn’t experienced any bugs in the last weeks.
You could maybe add UTime support.
Edit: I tried UTimeMOO on my server and it didn’t worked, so i guess i don’t need it :slight_smile:

Latest patch:

  • Info that is fetched through Steam API (player name and avatar) is now cached. Since Steam API is really slow, this had an impact on how fast the loading screen loaded in. Concurrent players now loads the loading screen really fast compared to before.
  • Added some minor error checking when fetching map image from GameTracker.

Latest commit on GitHub.

this it very nicely made pleaseing to the eye

Thanks for this, so powerful, and so easy to build a template :stuck_out_tongue:

Based loosely on the Strapquery template, and uses some code directly from it, so won’t release publicly

Glad to be of service! I like the simplicity you’ve decided to go for with the template!

For those of you who use the StrapQuery template, a bug has been spotted when fetching the current map image from GameTracker that now has been resolved. Get the latest update from GitHub.

Commit changes