OpenRust : A Modding Community

OpenRust is a modding community for Rust created for modders by modders. Our goal is to create a community to help promote the learning of the various ways to mod Rust. Whether you’re new to modding or a veteran you are able to find ways to contribute in the community. If you are looking to just start out modding or post a work-in-progress or finished mod OpenRust is the place to do it.

One of the reasons we created OpenRust was to assist the ease of sharing different mods and also enhance learning how to create your own.

You can find us here! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any staff on the forum.

  • The OpenRust Staff

OpenRust is a community made website and is in no way affiliated with Rust or Facepunch Studios.

Thanks for this!

I like the idea, hope this will develop well.

We are in the process of adding content from our experiences as well as waiting for other members of the modding community and contribute some. Thanks for looking into the project! :smiley:

this would’ve been awesome if rust was in any way open… even the tutorial is not useful because no one has access to modding (server files, a server that lets you upload mods… ) but a select few…