Opens, then closes.

This happened around a couple days before June ended, I was able to play Gmod running at a good 30-50 FPS with no lag or crashing. It was perfect. Then,one day, I tried to play Garrys Mod, but it it does is the “Loading Garrys Mod” box pops up, then Garrys Mod pops up, everything magnifies, then it closes without error. I have tryed Updating my Driver, but its already updated. I tried doing -dxlevel 81, 80, 79 and 70 but didnt work. I’m also using Geforce 2 MX 400 as my graphics card and im using Vista Busness 32 Bit.

Reinstall GMod then.

I did so, twice. Doesnt seem to work. But for some reason, BARELY works with my Geforce 2 MX 100/200 GFX Card

Maby it is because you are useing Vista business ((Busness (your spelling).
Thats the onlt think I can think of.
Unless you don’t have another “source engine” game.
If not you will HAVE to buy a source engine game for GMod to work.

Yea, I have Counter Strike Source and Half Life 2, along with Team Fortress 2… They all have the same reason with Garrys Mod.

Dose CSS and HL2 or anything work?

No… HL2 will go as far as the Opening credits with the Valave and Source stuff, then crash. Then ill get a HL2.exe stop working erorr. CS:S will just Open then close.

Then I have no idea sorry. I mean youj could just uninstall everything to do with steam then start over. But im not suggesting that.

sorry I can’t help ;(

so you have vista? I thought none of those games even played on vista, have you tried other computers?