Operation: Dragon Rising.



Nice. I really like this one. Good posing and editing is great as always.
Nice reskins.

thanks XD

Really awesome reskins and great composition of the scene. Very reminiscent of that game. My only gripe is that I wouldn’t like to fly a Cobra that low.

Wait a minute, didn’t the soldiers in that still use ACU? I remember the marines being in ARMA II, but not in OFP2.


They were USMC in Dragon Rising too.

Example: http://joshuk.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-41.jpg

There is only USMC in Dragon Rising. The game’s a failure.

Fuck, I was already doing this.
Guess I got to lazy.
Time to make some chinese then:buddy:

very nice but the strikers in the backround are from the 80’s but the editing IS SICK

Those are AAVs that are still used today. Pretty awsome pic.

Rated artistic.
Where can i find those reskin?

Game sucks ass IMO. But the pose is great.