Operation Dust 2

Edited out. Might as well just delete this thread.

Don’t make separate threads for each picture.

Oh no it’s this guy.


Weren’t you permabanned for being TF2Sniper?

You shouldn’t have come back.

You havent improved.

Yes…I HAVE! Wait…Aaron? Is that you? Hey! How have you been?

Oh lol you again

It’s been a year and you haven’t improved at all, and not to mention you have been perma’d three times already.

Hey spectre , Merry christmas to you , too.

take the criticism and shove it up your ass sideways or stop pos(t)ing

Oh god the apocalypse has come early he has returned!

Good ol’ Spectre , Merry Christmas , Buddy. :smiley:

stop posting

cease and desist

…I’m getting used to facepunch hate.

Can we just ban him already? He’s an alt of a permabanned user.