Operation: Eagle Storm

Been working on this little gamemode for fun.

It is basically a 3d adaptation of the highly controversial Muslim Massacre game that was released in 2008. A little more tastefully done though.

The plan is to make it wave based NPC survival, with 3 different player classes. You earn currency by killing NPCs and at the end of each round, survivors are given a free perk. Currency is used to buy weapons and consumables. There are also resource deposits randomly scattered around the map, which can have extractors placed on them. If you defend your extractors for the entire round, they provide a cash boost to the team. Extractors cost money to buy. If you die, you have to wait till the end of the current wave to respawn. It costs 10 currency to respawn and you earn only 5 currency per round that you are dead. If everyone dies, the game ends.

The weapons in this game will have custom bullet SENTs instead of traces.

The 3 player classes:

Assault - Generic run and gun class. Starts with 2 gun slots. Has access to automatic weapons, shotguns and probably more once i get to that part of development.
This class will get specialized perks like movement speed, health regen, the ability to carry 3 guns and have 3 consumables.

Marksman - Long range killing class. Access to snipers, crossbows, ralguns and other high precision high velocity weapons.
This class will get perks like bullet penetration, improved bullet velocity, forking bullets, the ability to carry 2 guns.

Demolitions - Explosives class. Access to grenade launchers, rocket launchers, homing missiles, landmines and all sorts of other explosives.
This class will get perks like blast radius, blast damage, the ability to carry 2 guns.

Other generic perks for all classes to use will include reload time improvements, armor, extra health, clip size, 1 additional consumable.


Again, not that well planned.

I want to make it so that when players spawn (no matter what class), they are given 3 basic guns to choose from. Twin pistols, an uzi, and a basic hunting rifle.

Once you survive long enough to buy a new weapon, you can start buying weapons relevant to your class. I want there to be “tiers” where any 2 weapons on the same tier should be balanced in relation to eachother. There will be random “sales” to keep players trying new loadouts.

Assault class will go from weak automatics to strong automatics, and then once they are finally leveled to the max they can buy ridiculous endgame weapons like M249s and flamethrowers.
Sniper class goes from weak bolt action snipers to full auto snipers and then beyond that, shit like railguns.
Demolitions goes from weak/inaccurate grenade launchers to strong explosives of all varieties. After that, airstrikes and black hole bombs and stuff i guess?

The buyable items:

Not really fleshed out yet. Planning to make it so that players can carry one consumable initially but can improve that with perks. Prices of perks will vary obviously.

Pocket Surgical Kit - Heal 100% health.
Painkillers - Heal 50% health.
Cloaking Device - NPCs can’t target you for 25 seconds.
Berzerker cola - Deal 50% more damage for 25 seconds.
Energy Drink - Move and run 50% faster for 25 seconds.
Extractor - Deploy on resource sites to farm resources. Can be destroyed by NPCs.
Medi-Beacon - Deploy anywhere to regenerate nearby ally health. Can be destroyed by NPCs.
Pocket Concrete - Deploy anywhere to create a small wall that stops enemy fire. Can be destroyed by NPCs.
Sentry Gun - Deploy anywhere and it shoots nearby enemies. Can be destroyed by NPCs.

Enemy classes:

Sappers - Shitty aim, shitty weapons.
Riflemen - Armed with an AK47.
Demolitions - Armed with an RPG.
Suicide bomber - Runs up to you and explodes.
Bulldozers - Heavily armored and armed with a shotgun.

NPCs will use NextBots, however i have to figure out how to set them up to use weapons because that isn’t possible at the moment. It will be hacky probably.

Here’s some pictures

The game is kind of top-down from behind the player (you can’t look up or down, your aim pitch is locked at 90 degrees), i am planning to add some sort of cool crosshair thing that doesn’t just draw directly on the screen.

Skimmed over the OP abit and it sounds alright. Only criticism is that map… obviously that won’t be used for the final gamemode but get some action shots in there :stuck_out_tongue:

The map is just for testing, i can post the vmf if anyone wants to see how the map layout is.

NPCs don’t work yet so the gameplay is nonexistant.

i see lots of text and no gamemode

If there’s any interest i could throw what i have on Git. I am open to the idea of this being a collaborative thing.

I just finished coding the bullet SENTs and they work awesomely. And they look hella dope too.

If you added it so we could buy auto turrets that would be great <3

On this note, I think you should add something GUI related or a HUD just to give the screenshots some sustenance.

To be honest, I’m not with the idea of discouraging people from working on their gamemode (yes, posts like the one you posted can be discouraging) - I know Facepunch is meant to be a hard and tough no man’s land but Garry’s Mod’s gamemodes scene is getting bland, lets not make it worse.

I’m interested in a NextBot Git, I’d like to contribute.

I believe that gamemodes should only be posted once there is a working concept, and I don’t really think that this is a place to discuss ideas, but what’s the point if there hasn’t even been work towards getting ideas implemented.

Sometimes you need community/team feedback to get a working concept for something that hasn’t been done before.

I think having a concept that is your vision, and then discussing it with the community is faster and more effective

This community is lacking in the constructive criticism department… I think that’s why most of us don’t get stuff done because when we need help, ideas or feedback it usually ends up with a long discussion on how we don’t like the OP, his grammar or point out that his Gamemode isn’t finished yet.

There’s a big difference between being an ass an giving someone constructive criticism whether it be good or bad.

Isn’t that what’s in the OP? How do you draw the line between a working concept and a playable gamemode?

is it a gamemode or ragdolls being posed because I couldn’t tell lol

Goddamn dude your avatar sucks. On that note can we not sidetrack anymore?

This is a working concept, it’s currently playable except there’s no NPCs. I agree that this isn’t the place for “brainstorm” threads, but I have a playable gamemode to back up my discussions and things are being implemented, so i think it’s fair game.

The main reason i made a thread this early is because the game is still fresh as a concept and i want some input before i make anything final. Ideas like the sentry gun idea will literally shape how i design the game from this point forward. On that note, i want to get some input on how the weapon aim is done. Currently i have the player’s aim pitch locked (ie you cannot look up or down, just straight forward). This means that the maps cannot really have elevated areas because you can’t shoot downwards. I can’t think of a nice way to handle this so for now i’m keeping the game field completely flat. If anyone has a brilliant idea as to how i could possibly implement multiple levels i’d like to hear it.

More screenshots will be forthcoming, i’ll take a picture of the bullets in action if you guys want more eye candy. If there are any mappers who want to help improve what i have, feel free to pm me or something and i’ll give you my VMF. To be honest, it’s probably easier to just make a map from scratch because mine is really not that great.

This isn’t snake oil either, the screenshots aren’t fake. I sometimes abandon ideas if there’s no general interest or if i get bored of it, but this gamemode should be relatively straightforward to code. The hardest part will be making NextBots use weapons properly. Worst case scenario, i’ll dump a half finished gamemode on git and the public can mess with it.

e: Here’s some shots of the bullets in action. I have my settings turned down super low on this laptop so sorry if it looks like shit.

Thanks for the information; I agree with why you have released a thread early and I agree that it will ultimately help shape the gamemode.

I also like the idea of locking the pitch so that its a straightforward shooter. If you’d like a hand with the mapping I might be able to throw something together depending on what you’re looking for.

Well currently the map is literally just a flat brush (no stairs or anything that players could get on top of - jumping is disabled but ramps and small elevations are still a no-no) with a bunch of simple buildings.

The middle of the map is the player spawns (using info_player_start) and then around the border of the map i’ve made a bunch of small interiors for buildings with player clips blocking the door. There are info_terroristspawn entities inside of these places. The idea is that for each new wave, 2 or 3 spawn points for terrorists are chosen. The player clip makes it so players can’t go inside the building and camp the terrorist spawn point, but it also makes it look a little cooler, like the terrorists are emerging from the buildings. This also makes the game a lot more dynamic and forces you to think on your toes in terms of defending resource extractors.

What i haven’t sorted out yet is cover points where players can duck behind. I’d have to figure out the height of ducking players in order to figure out appropriate heights for cover points… And it might just be easier to disable ducking for players. So for now, i’d suggest just making walls as tall as the player. As far as physics props go, i would suggest against them because they seem like they’d cause problems with getting bots stuck or players climbing on them.

I’ve started making a small (2048 x 2048) map and I’ll try make it what you want.

Okay so change of plans, since there’s a gamemode contest I’m changing this to Operation: Tutti Frutti (unless someone can come up with a 9/11 fruit pun or something)

The gameplay will largely be the same