Operation Flashpoint: Red River models?

This game’s got an interesting premise and some pretty neat military stuff, is there a method for extracting models from it?

Ninjaripper doesn’t work as far as I can tell.

I’d like to get my hands on the PLA…

I’ve tried all that i’ve got. 3D Ripper DX, Ninja Ripper, and I even tried using GameAssassin (key word: TRIED). I wasn’t able to get anything, unfortunately.

They aren’t worth it, though. It’s incredible how they made them look so bad in the engine from great looking car games (EGO).

Since ArmA II porting isn’t illegal (anymore), I’d rather rip from ArmA II.

I’d say Red River models look better than A2 ones. Arma 2 has pretty good high resolution textures for the characters, but their models are all really flat and kinda low quality.

Has anyone tried archive-based extraction?

I don’t think there are any mod tools either.