Operation Gomorrah


Model’s face looks a lil low rez but I love the smoke and the sun beams.

Wow, lovin that light.


wtf every time i look it gets brighter

Interesting title.

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Same with the picture.

during the bombing of hamburg 40,000 civilians where killed thats why there are ghosties in a bombed out church


And not one fuck was given that day.

dat jpeg quality.

Ahh now I see the ghosts. I’ve been dropping the ball on spotting apparitions lately.

:frowning: what wrong with it?

It’s pretty horrendous. What settings are you saving your pictures at (in Gmod and in Photoshop) and what uploader are you using?

I always change ingame to 100% and save in Photoshop on max. And imageshack.

Don’t use imageshack ever, it’s a piece of shit

“Yeah. I blew that hole in the wall. What’sit to ya?”

I thought of new vegas when i clicked this, anyone else?