Operation: Irene

I felt like practicing my atmosphereic skills, since I can do other edits pretty shitty.


Tried for a MW2 look on one of the missions. Also cheers to DMGaina for the title name <3

Fucking amazing but shitty bulletholes.

Fuck that was quick lol

Yeah the bullet holes kinda stand out too much and there’s too many of them.
The choppers look too close to me, as do the jets (which are too low too).
The smoke is a little too rounded and perfect.
The fire is barely giving off any light (you need to have a very white glow closest to the fire, rather than just an orange haze).

Apart from those harsh criticisms though, this is a very good picture indeed.


Wasn’t “Irene” the go-code for the raid that started the Battle of Mogadishu?

Name’s from Blackhawk Down, looks like it anyway!

Some very nice editing there, though my god, there’s gonna be one hell of a crash in a moment!

The atmosphere looked fine until I scrolled down to see the fire. It really kills the picture… It’s way too dark and doesn’t seem to match the general color scheme of the rest of the picture.

Yeah, thought about them. Was only a practice anyway, not meant to spell perfeckshon.

Someone does his homework :smiley:

Pretty good looking.

Well from you that’s pretty high praise.

I had a think about the fire, since FP is made up mostly of brainless twats, the ones who don’t give shits about atmosphere could look at the fire at least. Wanted to practice it too though.

The atmosphere is cool but in my opinion I think its too opaque(Dunno if its wrote that way).
Also Vman is right about the fire, the color it has right now makes it look like magma.

Nice posing there too, altho I think the heli on the right is too close to the panel.
Ohh and nice angle.

The picture is perfectly fine and you should be proud and appreciated of it.
The flames look a little like Lava.

I think those helicopters are waaay to close to those buildings.

The downs - Fire, bullet holes and one chopper is about to fly in to the power cables.

The ups - Like the atmosphere. The attempt has been given work and I like that. Have wood.

The helicopters look empty, but everything is pretty nice like everyone said

Some things that are incorrect (TOTAL FAN OF BHD)
-There were no planes in the movie, just choppers.
-The cars are waaay to new-looking.
-it’s missing soldiers in the choppers.
Everything else is great!

Who said it has anything to do with Black Hawk Down?

Well he tried to recreate a MW scene, not a BHD scene… I just came up with the name because I tought it would fit well.

Whoops. well “operation irene” “desert” “black choppers”… Sounds very BHD to me.

Those jets look like Hawker Hunters from the '60s.

The fire is meh but the overall quality is fucking sexy!