Operation Lovebird, also Slashers.



The fingerposing on the couple’s handholding was alot more better until something screwed it up.


What the fuck


Where’s the chick in the first picture from?

Also, turn off bloom when you’re taking screenshots, it looks bad.

The chick’s a Taco N Banana model, though she’s not available in the megapack - you’ll have to enter one of the servers after you get the pack to properly get her model. Not sure how long it’ll take until it’s updated though.

She has alright eyeposing, but she does lack faceposing. The reason I chose her is just that she looks like the perfect model for such use.

i’m going to start with the second picture because it’s the worst

obviously dead space 2 inspired, you just took two zombie ragdolls, flesh textured some antlion legs, and stuck em on there.
not particularly good.

what faceposing there is doesn’t seem to fit, all the posing in general is pretty sloppy, they don’t look like they’re really holding hands
why are the security men so incompetent that they’re just falling everywhere?

everything in these just seems right off

The Slasher pic was just something I made as part as tutorial on making Slashers ingame for those who are still waiting for the proper Slasher models, I just posted it here for some criticism.

As for the second image there, I deliberately made the henchmen as incompetent as possible - I was trying to emulate a cheesy spy film. And like I said, the fingerposing was really good before until something screwed everything up. I think it was when I had to move the suit guy’s arm to get rid of an elbow twist.

then you go back and fix it until it looks good again

you don’t go “oh dear i messed it up it’s permanent”

since you can fix it, you should.

oh good god what am I looking at