Operation Metro / Battlefield 3

Any C&C is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

huge image, open in new tab




next time, save your big-ass pictures in .JPG quality 12

As for the picture, it looks nice. The shadows look square-y, but you can fix that (Sorta) by using soft lamps. It could also use some super DOF, to focus on the terrorists/local punks

Idk man, i can do it later, but what is the difference between the quality 9 and 12? Imo it will look almost the same. Correct me if im wrong.

There really isn’t much of a difference, if there is a difference at all. I personally use 12 to be extra sure.

How do you save a pic under jpeg 12 or 9, where does this difference come from? First time I hear about this. Pic is really neat btw, reminds me of a CoD or BF3 style mission.

Photoshop preset when you save (unless I’m wrong.)

GIMP as well. :v: