Operation "Moderator undercover"

Let’s go back to the old request =_=

Add the possibility to moderator nick displayed the same color as usual players in chat.
It is very important to deal with cheaters.

Now we have to portray ordinary players to catch them, and it takes a lot of time to reconnect to the game as an administrator or moderator.

Recently cheaters act very quietly without attracting attention by killing the sleeping players in homes and taking away their loot.

doesn’t status also show them as moderator now too?



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THIS! We need. Cause these hackers are getting real smart now. They go offline as soon as an admin comes on, or when reported on twitter.

If you are on a modded server you can easily change that.

How would they know?

This is it ? or is it just an element of privacy…

I hope that is exactly

Yes that’s exactly what I need
Grateful for it

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It looks like I hurried =_=
All that is send by this command at chat is not visible to other players…


and the normal chat is invisible/inusable even if the moderator/admin is in shift-P