Operation Rust on Steam was a success right?

Yeah Operation get rust on steam was a success right? Well No! It wasnt, its even worse then on browser sure no hackers but it doesnt really even matter when you are getting it up the butt with artifacts, and also when you cant kill anyone cause you get 5 fps when you look towards any direction! Lets be honest here guys im sure no one wants to see this game become a Warz.

(For the record I liked this game a alot better in browser.)

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You don’t think these issues are priority to fix? They don’t have a billion different pc setups to test the game on, hence the browser version is still open until they can fix a majority of the steam client’s problems. This game is still in Alpha (Which means STILL IN DEVELOPMENT if you have forgotten), rather than ranting, why don’t you report the bugs so they can fix them, and play on the browser in the meantime?

Fucking damn it, it’s so early in alpha that you should expect this. Just calm your tits, it’ll get better. It seems like you are way to desperate.

Patience is a virtue. I think the lack of hackers is a massive plus, what’s the point of playing when you’re just going to get raided and ganked by hackers anyway?

anyone else having problem finding servers or connecting?

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SuppoCheng i agree i hate that crap lolall your hard work gone in seconds

Turn the awesome level down. It should then run smoothly.

Why do you think the game isn’t public… We all opted in to play the early build.

Yes the steam transfer is not a huge success and it’s not the fps boost out of nowhever we were promised. On the other hand, when they will close the web browser we shouldn’t see no clippers/teleporters and that’s the biggest win for the moment. The reason why it’s so laggy is the new rocks/grass. The game is not optimized yet, basicly they coded the game raw, when the game is deemed complete by the devs then they will start to optimize the game so everything runs smoothly, that’s the moment where the game will start to be a finish product.

There are still hackers all over east 1 and east 2. Floating in the air clipping through the walls coming through the floors and dropping through the ceiling. The browser needs to go. The hackers won’t be gone until the browser is gone. Or the logs are looked at and people are banned. There should be a lot less people using the browser so the logs shouldn’t be as hard to go through.

Guess I’m one of the few lucky ones who got a major FPS boost.

Pre patch (rocks added) fps very high (never checked, but not even slightest stuttering) after patch, watching to north caused quite nasty fps drops down to around 20 fps. Now with steam I get again no fps drops at all.

Holy shit the Rust section of the forum is full of entitled 12 year olds, I’m glad I only get glimpses of it through the popular threads page.

I got a HUGE fps boost as soon as it got on steam. It was unplayable in the browser, now its amazing.

I have no fps difference between the web-player and steam version

Before rocks my fps was 80-90 and after the rocks were added its 70 and when i look towards north it drops to 33fps

I can definitely feel a difference tho. I agree, the cliffs are still killing it, please consider an alternative perhaps?

Get a better PC then. Mine runs at a smooth 100+ at most times, then rendering many hilltops of rocks drops to about 60.

The FPS boost is nice using the steam client too bad there is major artifacting for AMD video cards, makes it nearly unplayable. I hope the usage of the web version ceases so vac can start weeding out these hackers who aren’t so good at not getting caught.

@Paranoid, YES, lets all buy titans, add that to recommended specs, and forget foreeeever and ever about optymalization! Why do we care about it? Lets buy more titans! Its not like I have much better fps in Crysis that is way nicer. That means nothing.

But really, that is not an excuse. Same is with Planetary Annihilation. Game is just not optymilized, not pc specs bad in most PCs of players.

Why get 1 Titan when you can get 2?

But seriously, even playing on my PC at the moment, it requires quite a lot of my PC to play and it becomes difficult to multitask.