Operators advance on South American warehouse


full size

good editing, unrealistic though, no real Operative in their right mind would carry an ammo can of cartridges on their person, too noisy, the Operative in the main focus is off on his left hand fingerposing. Good use of editing though, try looking at source material for battlefield maneuvers and tactics. It is helpful when trying to pose a picture that you want to look as realistic as possible. I don’t see any clipping anywhere, that is really good too. Overall, great pose.

cool stuff

I believe these models don’t have finger rigs.

you have no idea what you are talking about. you have no idea because you don’t know what the situation is nor why someone is carrying an ammo can in the first place. have you thought that maybe he’s bringing it up to replenish the operator carrying the mp5 dual-belt-fed 9mm minigun?

he isn’t fingerposable. that isn’t my fault. i’m not going to spend my time correcting the fingers, either.

i’m sorry? battlefield maneuvers and tactics? what, do you expect to see a picture of a four man element stacked up against a door preparing for a dynamic breach? you better not because nobody here except for me is smart enough to do it “realistically.” stop being dumb - this picture doesn’t need me to look at any sources because i wasn’t creating a tactical environment or element to begin with

Very nice.

A link to those models?

Also, a dickhead reported it, so download it before the incredible fail moderation of garrysmod.org delete it.

I’ll reupload on mediafire today.

Omg, one last fucking time:

Never mind the warning, someones been a dick.

The screen:
Looks awesome bro, the posing and shit is fine with no finger posing and shit.

WallyGamer4, dunno what the fuck you’re smoking. Since when does a GMod pose need to be realistic?

I love the posing and the overall lightning. Did you edit it?

The editing is incredibly good. Posing is nice too. Shame about the models’ lack of fingerposing.

what kind of question is that

It’s taking ages to load for me! =/

Same here…
But its only half the way and I’m already amazed.

But what happened with the Gustave?

Imageshack is sometimes a slow loader. Dunno why.

Good image though, shame about the no fingerposing, that isn’t your fault though.

I liked how you used the SLAM.

Snipers do too :v: