Operators Ambushed in Afghan Mountains

This is my second time posing, the first time was building another part of this scene build and a different pose. Also my first time really ever using Photoshop, so the muzzle flash is not too great. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated and any links to good model packs or foliage, just things i would need. I looked all around but if their is any i couldn’t find maybe you guys could enlighten me.

I really like this one, although i have no clue who’s allied with who?

Really nice posing in my opinion.

The only two “bad guys” are at the top of the mountain, the one that the guy with the AK-47 is firing at.

You should have blurred the foreground, and kept the background. All the attention is being focused on the dead body up front.

Nice Posing, but sadly i really can’t tell what the hell is going on!

The posing is good, but tone down the DoF a bit.

Okay, thank you guys for the criticism. Do you think this is better? I re-did it a bit. Also, these MOH models don’t have face posing so sorry for the kind of blank stares.

Excellent work!