Operators stumble onto something unexpected


expecting zombies weren’t you?
fucking source always making my models textures darker than they’re supposed to.

Your isolation needs a bit of work.
You forgot to do some isolation at some points.
Also, to clean up the jaggies, try the blur tool. It’s a pain in the ass and it takes forever, but it looks better in the end.

I got impatient during the tank notice how the guy on the left is awesome looking?

Oh yeah, I do, definitely. Looks very polished, but not in the more literal sense the other one does :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pic, good posing, all the usual essentials are well done.

Now which model textures are too dark, you say?

I’m trying to get olive drab on the clothes

I’m really liking your editing style. Looks like a painting almost.

Oh yeah, those are the same ones as in the other operator pic. I do agree with most of the people there, the unedited tinge is odd, and unnatural-looking.

maybe try a couple of tinges on several items and look at many possibilities in-game? That way you won’t have to re-start Gmod so much.

Soldier two: “We need to find out what’s in it.”
Soldier one: “I could open it.”
Soldier two: “And you could play Russian Roulette with a clip loading pistol.”

I’ve heard that Magazine fed pistol joke a bajillion times.
the Editing style seems 100% the same as your last pose.
Decent, but to me the sun looks almost like a flashbang going off high in the air or something.

thanks for the idea now you lose…!!

Your lighting is improving, I especially like the tank. However it looks like it could use more shadows, such as the chest areas of the soldiers. Rim lighting on the trees wouldn’t hurt either seeing as how the soldiers have it.

that’s a lot of work.