OpFor having a break outside the old warehouse


Made this one, a looooooooooooooooong time ago… and I’m too lazy to edit it :stuck_out_tongue:

By “looooooooooooooooong” you mean 2 years ago, right?

'Chea…how did 'chu know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy Shit the picture could be from a movie!
The lighting is amazing and the grass which is growing inside the container is a nice touch! My new wallpaper.

sarcasm meter explodes

Don’t be a dick.

Some … Are just born to be dicks . :emo:

Im not!
I just love his style. Its so great.

Oh shush, you liar.

The Combine’s posts remind me of one of TH89’s posts on Model&Skins:

And the angle could have been alot better, the pose is not bad.

I told 'ya…it’s just an old picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Boring and insurgents with NATO weapons?

Have you heard about ‘‘Weapon pick up’’? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, that isn’t an m60.