Opfor in winter conditions.

My first snow edit :3:, pose by me btw. C&C please.


The snow is OK, but muzzleflash and posing are way off.

I’m pretty there isn’t lightning in snow-storms, although I may be wrong.

As for the snow, it looks very pasted on and lacks any real depth, much like your rain. Different layers and use of different directions of motion-blur and varying gaussian-blur would help rectify this.

I have told you before and I will tell you again: don’t mess about with the brightness and contrast of muzzleflashes or, as this may be the case, don’t mess about with brightness and contrast when your muzzleflash is on the background layer (which it shouldn’t be anyway).
Furthermore, the muzzlelfash is terribly cut-out, with black lines still blatantly visible.

Blood on the wall is random and clearly just a blood brush. You need to stop adding that stuff in just for the sake of it.
Trajectory of the shells is odd.
Smoke still looks like a steam train.
Posing is just about bearable.
Camera-angle is okay, but the picture could do with some depth-of-field.

You seriously need to listen to critiques like this if you wish to improve because, quite frankly, it seems as though you have been completely disregarding them for quite some time now.

you need to improve on the snow

Yeah, it’s a bit to round.