OPFOR rifleman climbing a cliff in a blizzard

I guess he’s goin up there to shoot some dudes:


Original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/gm_snowday0000.jpg

I REALLY like the rope. Not sure why.
And that AK looks damn nice to.

I like this all though you should of used the DOD snowed on trees for the trees

Oh yeah good idea. Is there a small skybox version though?

Very nice indeed!
Top notch editing

looks great

I’m not sure but I bet there is

MW2 Much? :stuck_out_tongue: Nice picture and posing. :slight_smile: pallet.


He has suction cups in his shoes.

Haha yeah. I saw a little clip where “Soap” starts to climb a cliff and it inspired me to make this. Not that I’m looking forward to that game or anything.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Very nice editing on the rope, and I like the shadows from his gun.

Good job!

Very good pic


You’re seriously getting better at this , it’s a totally sexy picture :slight_smile:

A few things disturb me tho : The rope doesn’t really look strong enough to carry a man , plus it’s not attached to him, and that is a mistake any soldier would not do. Also, you didn’t fix the sharp angles D:

Pure eyecandy.

But what does this “OPFOR” mean? Been wondering that for a while.

Opposing force Looks like hes climbing everest.

OPposing FORce

How come friendlies are called BLUFOR then? I know that it stands for BLUe FORce… but shouldn’t that make the opposing force REDFOR?


who let the high school drop out make up the names???

The Presidents son.

Awesome stuff Chesty, looks pretty sweet :smiley: