[OPINION] Communities and the collaboration behind them.

We have come across the new trend, the community creation, it is quite popular thing till it ends with drama. But we ask what we could do against it? Is there something to do against it?

Be it Democracy or Dictatorship or a very Communist/Socialist/Fascist communities what is your opinion?

Express your self.

You mean large server communities? I don’t think it matters, it’s going to end in drama. That’s why I keep my community small. I’m afraid all you’d get out of trying to adopt systems of government is an interesting social expirement, which, now that it occured to me, would be pretty cool to see. I wonder if “democratic” communities would begin to develop major and minor political parties.

I’ve actually seen this happen with a fannsite.

It’s kind of impossible to have a socialist or communist community, as socialism and communism are ecenomic plans: (Government takes all income from private parties, distributes it.) (Everyone works for the government, there are no private businesses, government pays everyone) respectively. Servers don’t really have economy, so Socialist/Communist/Capitalist doesn’t really apply. Then again, if you were to take roleplay and develop it to actually simulate economy on a national level, you’d again have an interesting expirement.

Sounds like a good idea. It should be done with age groups as well. You should start by finding a server full of 12 year olds (shouldn’t be too hard) and take it from their.

Most gaming communities I’ve found are pretty pointless and just commit to e-drama.

I was part of a tf2 gaming community once it had around 20 members and nothing bad ever happened it was friendly. Died after a while but it was fun. But then again we are talking about gmod here so it only tends to end with drama.

You’re right. If I owned a large community I’d definately try it. By the way, the aforementioned fansite developed two major political parties. In the end, when one completely abandoned the site, it played out strikingly similar to the American Revolution, to the point that you could align the major people involved with the major people of the revolution. However, it only formed two parties. What I’m really curious towards is if minor parties would develop as well.

Wait, is something wrong with posting? Its very buggy ATM. Nevermind.

Communities can’t have politics in them, most are too small to even conduct proper play times with one another.

Every community has politics. Politics is the art of governing other people, which happens in one way or another in all sorts of communities, groups, organizations and so forth.

They can be dictatorial or democratic, but, obviously cannot have an economic one (eg. Capitalism, Socialism).

You don’t know how fun this is to do. I should start recording this with fraps or something.

I went on minecraft as they have lots of community’s and play around the same time.
I managed to get a conversation going to get 2 sides going on the server and guess what the admins wanted everyone to follow what they belived in. I asked everyone to vote for the situation at hand and it was 7 votes to 5. The 5 who oposed the admin were kicked off the server including me.

This was done on a skype chat so worth a go.

ty Balto-the-Wolf-Dog it is really fun to experiment with. Tomorrow I will try it again on another server and record the chat. It takes less than 30 minutes to pull this off.