Opinion - Experimental is now ready to take over Legacy

My personal opinion is that Rust Experimental has now reached a stage where it is as fun to play as legacy.


It is possible to obtain all required resources to progress in the game - but there is an element of risk in doing so and it takes time. Just like legacy. Tick.

You can create buildings and bases. Yes they are not completely secure or securable yet but with the hacking in Legacy, was that ever really the case? If you are smart, you can survive multiple evenings / time away from the server without losing any gear. You should be able to work out how, it does not involve crafting 50 doors!

You can craft a bolt action, bullets (takes a lot of resource/time) body armour, and then go out and actually have some fun. We got into a skirmish with other players who were hardened up with the same gear - cracking bit of fun.

I’ve left legacy behind. Exp is where this game is at now.

What this means is that more players can be working on detecting and finding the fewer and fewer issues and bugs in Exp. as it moves to baseline.

The only real risk now is how often the official servers need to be wiped. Getting three days worth of game play allows for people to try out most things.

rust has caused me to cancel my MMO subscription…now I can afford more caffeine to stay ingame longer because i’m afraid to logoff because of how easy it is to break down doors…

IMF2000 is correct,

Garry, make it happen big boy. :eng101:

experimental is already the default game for me.
I haven’t played legacy since one month ago :slight_smile:

the exp is shaping up immensely, it was much worse 2 weeks ago.
but i havent played rust in ages and it will stay like that untill they improve this version further.

its really great, but:

  1. u swim at 1cm/hour
  2. animals do nothing
  3. there is no raiding
  4. only 1 gun
  5. still not fully convinced by the buildings

I read the devblog since the beginning so dont worry guys, I know a lot of this is already in the works.
cant wait for them to add more things like monuments, ancient structures.

They aren’t really at baseline yet, and they have a lot of issues to sort out before they get there. Take a look at their trello page.

I read the Trello every day and get email updates, as well as the suggestions and bug reports page:


I think Experimental is now worth playing.

Do you want to play with no explosives, blueprints, proper animal AI, and guns that don’t work?

I am happy to because I know those things will come very soon and also the bolt action rifle works fine?

Paraglider confirmed?


they are basically making a whole new game and thus I am not trying to be overly optimistic for a fully playable release this year…tho that would be great, but I guess (hopefully) h1z1 will kill some time till then :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, Experimental is not quite at baseline yet… But it hopefully will be very soon at the rate things are going. Main thing in my opinion that needs to be solved, from the server admin point of view, is loading and saving the world… After this, there are a few other server admin things that need to be taken care of as well, but they are lower down the list.

I just tried it. I play with 10fps and the map is quite boring and flat. Not baseline yet.

well i think there is major problem… shoot on sight boys. you try to find your friend about 1h and then pam! i see you. i know imf2000 likes to do this and lot and he loves when there is no security but in my opinion rust is ready when they make very good offline security not imbossible but very good and when they make some easy way to find friends becouse random maps didnt make what they wanted… strangers kills on sight still like imf2000

hello, you must be new here.

your stuff will never be safe while offline and you will never have a party system or some way of finding “friends”.

your only friend is the rock.

The only issue I’m currently having with Rust EXP is the video lag. I can play nearly every game out right now on Ultra, and have no issues at all. Rust EXP causes my PC to lag pretty hard at times (can only imagine my GF’s laptop on it if she decided to play) I mean, if someone knows of any tricks/settings to get this to run smoother, please point me in the direction. But, this, as of now, is the only thing keeping me from being full time Exp server.

Is experimental Rust really ready enough?

(Ignore my ramblings on the Steam forums, as I am not amused by Garry’s opinions on certain things, which made me doubt in him as a person. Seeing there are other developers too, can still become something)

I could always play legacy pretty smoothly and everything got drawn in time… not too sluggish.

Since then I doubled my computer’s memory and I find the experimental branch unplayable.
First it is sluggish, but that’s not too bad… but the drawing distance of objects is ridiculous.

For example… I would see a shack… (not from really far away, because it wont draw it)… I walk towards it… almost in front of it… 3 trees suddenly get drawn. (if I should interact with anyone nearby… I would walk/shoot into trees)
Suddenly a character got drawn within 3 metres, first without head… (somehow the head never get drawn at the same time)… Every player I encounter seems to be standing still.
I hit just to see if the player/object is actually present… and it is and dies.

At the moment it is possible to keep running and walk into a tree, before you can see it.
How far are they in experimental… it’s fun to see new gun flashes (jippie?)… but it can’t even render simple objects in time.
Could always be a client issue, but my setup isn’t that specific (ie. a lot more clients should experience this same issue)

It’s unplayable : sluggish, objects drawn only within 3 metres… and yes… it looks somewhat better… it just lost 9/10 of its performance, which was the reason to start with the experimental branch?

Losing a lot of faith in Garry and his companions… Garry’s mod version of survival is a lot more fun atm than… this… ‘rust’

It will be at a playable state way before then… Maybe around late October. They’re moving pretty quickly.

I have no idea what kind of computers you all play on… but even with it being very unpolished I can play perfectly fine with an average FPS of 40 no problem.

Not sure what your rig is but yes experimental is a bit experimental ATM, yes the FPS is slightly worse than legacy ATM. yes the tree LODS/billboards are shit (bar the speedtrees) especially if you are running the game @fastest but if you had read, most of these are not problems they have not YET been addressed yet or optimized.