Opinion of the furnace and crafting table?

I think the game is starting to get way to hard to get started. I have had enough time to build an entire base before I have managed to build a furnace. I really dont like the furnace idea. The crafting table is ok though.

It’s not hard at all, if anything it it should get harder. Which honestly it probably will get harder. I think the DEVS are doing great right now.

The game should get more challenging, I hope, not easier like I was a soup-kitchen kid looking for hand-outs.

Furnace brilliant, I mean pretty much exactly the same as a fire but it burns at a quicker speed. Table not so much, limited to one area if you’re crafting I often used to just jump around and mess about when waiting for things to build now it is just go afk for 30 minutes whilst building a stack of paper. Maybe increase the range a little who knows. Still interesting.