Opinion on TTT server(s)?

First of all, let me get to the point (as to why I made this thread)

I’m making a TTT server, primarily for the sake of having an entertaining server, and hopefully making a little bit of cash if it becomes popular enough.
Now, Pointshop. I hate Pointshop, it’s the most annoying addon I’ve ever seen in TTT servers, however that is mostly because of the ridiculous shit that server owners incorporate into it (trails, weird shit, anime, etc). I am sure most people here like Vanilla (as do I), which includes no Pointshop, however, what is your opinion on having the pointshop JUST to unlock playermodels and “realistic” accessories? No trails or huge ass watermelons or anime girls hovering around. Just models that fit well with the atmosphere of TTT.

Some other things I would like opinions on (note, this isn’t just for myself; this thread can be about TTT in general):

-No minecraft maps
-No custom HUD or scoreboard
-No M9K… Original custom weapons
-No loading screen music
-No end of round music
-A large mapcycle which includes maps that are barely played (I would LOVE to get requests from map-makers to put their new maps on my server!)
-Minimal downloads… I plan to have quite a bit of playermodels for pointshop but I’m creating my own workshop addon and properly setting up FastDL so players aren’t downloading 100s of workshop files

Thoughts? Also, as I said, feel free to discuss about anything else relating to TTT, but please give opinions on my “ideas”.

be different, TTT gets stale pretty fast if there’s nothing new to play with

There are barely any good TTT servers which are vanilla and not minecraft only, i know minecraft maps do not require the necessary CSS textures but it’s quite annoying because server owners are adapting to these kids.

PM me the IP when u get that up and running i’d like to see a server like that like back in the old days.

Everything below comes from my personal experience with TTT servers. And yes, I agree there should be much more Vanilla servers.

PointShop is good in moderation. I too despise being forced to download 20 different Hatsune Miku skins, trails, and custom weapons that don’t even show up correctly. But PointShop can be good for buying specific weapons that you couldn’t find around the map in time.

There are too many Minecrap servers already, stay away from those maps.

Customs HUDs and scoreboards are annoying to get used to, good on you for seeing that. Stay away.

M9K’s idea of “balancing” is making each weapon more powerful than the last. Seriously, we go from a peashooter handgun to a Davy Crockett. You’ll find it to be nothing more than a nuisance trying to rebalance every weapon yourself. Keep away from it.

Fuck loading screen music. I don’t want to be forced to listen to your shitty taste in techno or rap while downloading all the aforementioned bullshit. Although I did find one server that actually played calm and serene loading music, 99.9% of the time just forget about it.

End of round music isn’t too bad of an idea, as long as it’s music that most people like and is played quietly so players can still talk with each other before the next round. I’d implement it only if you know what you’re doing.

Large mapcycles personally turn me off. Average map size is ~2-5MB, which means longer download times. And players trying to play on maps they’ve never played before can be overwhelming against, say, players who play it night and day. If you are going to add niche maps, make them small in size so new players aren’t too overwhelmed.

Seeing as you’re going for a vanilla experience, download times shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Just remember, the little things you implement add up to load times, and pretty soon, the server you claim to be vanilla isn’t as vanilla as you wanted it to be.

All this is my personal opinion on what makes TTT “good”, and I can expound on anything else if you want, just be sure to ask.

I agree with you for the most part, I prefer a lack of pointshop because the main point of TTT is anonymity (“Kos someone with a tophat”) regardless if you add a rule to stop that people will still know “hey, keep an eye on anyone wearing a tophat”, just my 2 cents.

Edit: And you’re more than welcome to use my Panic Room map when I get around to finishing the update when I fix my hammer.

TTT?Why not sandbox,there are hardly any alive and good ones which don’t use 50 mods.

I actually think that’s a horrible usage. It’s a part of the balance and map design and adds a little chaos to the round because not everybody gets to have the best/ideal weapons.

Take his advice, he runs excellent servers.

I like Vanilla with simple pointshop and m9k. M9K rules, you drool. You need things to keep it interesting and reward returning players. I think people like having a huge maplist with their favorites and a vote system.

yeah it sure does

I’d like having hats and accessories (backpacks etc.) on pointshop and keep them to something realistic and moderate, no need for anything incredibly flashy such as trails. Why would you want to give out your position by having a long flashing rainbow trail?
Custom models aren’t necessarily needed, but only put models that have realistic body part sizes. Mario or Miku models etc. have incredibly huge heads and other stuff.
Also powerups that make you smaller are stupid to have, period.

m9k is the most dumbest thing ever
over powred weapons
so much reskins
head shot with them is ez cuz recoil nearly exist