Opinion, suggestions and questions about Experimental branch

Hi Garry and team!

Today is more common to the developers talk with your players than before and get a feedback, but at same time, a lot of people that don’t understand nothing about gaming development complain about how to do a game.

So, IMHO, first of all, I like what I’ve been seeing, and how the development is conducted. I read the Trello, Reddit and Changes.html at night every day to see what happened daytime, and sometimes, when I have time, I start Rust to see some changes and play a little to see the daily changes, so, I know what is happening :slight_smile:

(1)Here some questions about what you expect, how do you imagine the final version

  • We’ll have a final version or if Rust will be developed and updated for a long time to keep it always actual?
  • The Rust is not pos apocalipse anymore. What’s the new history you have in mind?
  • How (and where?) the players will find the others objects to craft? (Today we have the road, cities and radioactive animals) Because you talked that “we won’t have roads and cities anymore”.
  • About the localization, you’d talked about the path in the grass. We can expect a common montain, constelations and another type of mark around the world?
  • We will have a much better admin tool? We need something to keep the hackers out of our servers.
  • Talking about servers, you’ll release the servers to the community? I want to host one in my house, I have a little PC waiting for this :slight_smile: (We don’t have any provider here in Brazil offering Rust, and our min ping is about 160ms, we need more options for a better gameplay)

(2)Suggestions (even if you don’t give a shit for that :P)

  • Poison: you want to introduce a new system to put things inside things, do you imagine if we can craft poison to put inside the food and kill peoples?
  • Paper and Pencil (or charcoal): (a)After raid a house, we can write a little text (160chrs?) and leave it in sight for the home owner read later. (b)Draw a map of a piece of the island.
  • I don’t like the idea to have a mini map in the Rust, but we can consider 2 things to make this happen: (a)A hidden map like Age Of Empires, you’ll discovering the map with time, BUT, someone can just walk to complete the map and just after start to play. (b) Cut the island in 100 pieces for example, and with the paper, each player only can draw one piece, and if he want the other pieces, he need to find with other player, trading, killing, raiding, etc… (I like more this second option)
  • 4 seasons: Imagine if per one week, the weather change, one week too hot (summer) so we need more water, one week with better weather but with more rain (spring), other without leafs in the trees and dry time (autumn), and the last too cold that we need more cloths to not be killed by snow and eat more beacuse you lost more calories to keep your body live(winter).
  • MOTD: So the admin can show the rules of the servers. Maybe an button to accept the rules or disconnect, this way, the player will be aware and can’t complain about not knowing the rules after get banned.
  • Clan tool: Add a option to create clans, if not, see below.
  • Customization of clothes: Add something to change the cloths colors, or maybe upload a little image to put in the shirts, so we can see who are your friend in the battle.

(3)Opinion (or this)

  • The game is too heavy now, it’s experimental, I know, but I can play Crysis 2 here in max settings with 15~30fps, and Rust with only 25~35fps. It’s a BIG difference of quality and objects in screen.
  • I like the new models, the new procedural map, the new grass (maybe can add others lods to not repeat too much) and can make the sand with less grass in the beach. It’s too dirty when you looks closely.
  • The movement in the water is cool, he continues moving when you stops, but the same don’t occurs when you jumps, anyone can’t stop your movement in the air in real life.
  • And, I don’t have too much to talk about, because anything I say, is not correct because nothing is really done, all can be changed.

PS: I have a lot of more ideas, if you want to listen, give me a feedback about this post
PS 2: Sorry about my english, i’m trying to write without help from Google Translate, I need to excercise more.
PS 3: PC Specs, not a huge PC, but is what I have for now:

Phenom X4 920 2.8ghz @ 3ghz
4GB DDR2 800mhz
HD7850 @ 1ghz w/ 2GB
SSD 128GB for Win and progs
1,5Tb for Games and Stufs
Windows 8.1u1 x64

Thanks and see ya!

Just want to say I like what I see from the experimental but I am having trouble playing it on a regular basis, real buggy for me. Will load sometimes with no problems and then others I have to uninstall and install again and still other times it won’t play at all.

Like I said when I have been able to play I have really liked what I’ve seen and am impressed and excited about the future of what is my go to game right now.

Keep up the good work!!!

Rust is still Post Apocolyptic.
Performance will fix. It will be optimized.
The servers might be released to the community but right now they are pay to have
There are easy admin tools and VAC works (more or less)
There will be procedurally generated maps so POI will not be too common.
There will be constant updates to rust.
Poison and seasons are good ideas.
Maps have been talked about look at the forum.

(1)Yeah, today the experimental branch is much better than three or four days ago, now if I disable ALL things in F2 Menu, I get 50~60fps, and with all enabled is 25~40. This looking for nothing, without any building, itens, etc.
(2)I just would a confirmation, because we know, there developers never do that. They close the server to some partners (like Rust now). But if they’ll release the server to the community, I’ll stay happy :slight_smile:
(3)Admin tools need a better experience, If I’m an admin, and don’t want to expose myself to other players, today is impossible, because your name is showing, and other hand, this prevent admin abuse, because we know who are. This is a complex question.
(4)POI is not too common between different servers, but I thing they can program to a map have one or two big mountains, a lake, a river, some forests and deserts, plus constellations, sun and moon, I think we can decorate the map more quickly.
(5)Nice, I don’t wanna see the rust updates died in one year or less. I see a big potential in this game.
(6)I have other Ideas, but I think it’s not the moment.
(7)I’ll look more deeply :slight_smile:

I don’t think the devs have even made the decision yet, aside from deciding not now. I’m not garry, but the last I saw from him was “we’re not sure if we want to do that”. It’s still too early to know what exactly the shape of Rust will be when it’s time to make that decision.

I say this because we’ve seen it before several times just with Rust, never mind other games.

During the webplayer days before Rust went onto Steam, I don’t think anyone expected 1.6 million sales in six months, and the server count exploding into the thousands once GSPs were brought online.

The huge rush of people who came in expecting Rust to be a DayZ clone, before zombies were removed, definitely weren’t expecting things like this:

And I know they definitely weren’t expecting it because there was no end to threads crying about zombies being taken away and begging for them to come back for weeks after it happened.

The devs have a plan for Rust, but the exact details are so hard to predict it’s too early to make the decision about releasing the server files to the public.

I agree with you, but my fear is, happen with Rust the same is occurring with the games with only have Game Spy’s support. Game Spy is dead now, and these games too. If the server is in the community’s hands, Rust never will die, aways will have some server open.

There’s something like 6000 servers open right now and that’s with people PAYING for them monthly.

I’d say it’s a bit early to start talking about Rust dying off.

And none of these servers are in Brazil, we need to pay in U$, play with high ping, and listen complaints of the others about our ping or because we are BR (and there is a lot of prejudice against us), most because they don’t read the server title with [BR] tag.

This is entirely unrelated to the topic at hand.

You being in Brazil and people being rude to you doesn’t mean the game is dying off already.
Eventually the server files will be released and you can host your own server on your own computer for yourself and all of your Brazilian friends.

I’m not saying that is the cause, but the way is now, is very poorly distributed around the world, and that affects the gameplay. If we have 6000 servers in localized countries, imagine how much we will have when it is released for the community. That’s the point. :slight_smile:

And sorry about the prejudice against me, I know there a lot BR HU3 HU3 in the internet, but I’m not one these and sometimes this make me sad.

The server files are not ready for public consumption, that’s why it’s so restrictive and restricted.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that garry didn’t even want to give the server files to the GSPs. However, when you sell 1.6 million copies of Rust in six months, you don’t have time to manage servers for all of those people yourself or else all development of Rust stops while garry reboots ten thousand servers.

The game is in aaaaaaaaaalpha, don’t assume that everything you see today is the way it’s going to be forever.

But I didn’t say anything about this is a final version… And I’m not assuming that’s everything will stay as are now. Did you read my first post? It’s just a concern, not more, I’m not complaining…

About this one, my doubt is remedied.