Opinions for my "Karma" idea?

I apologize if this is not the correct forum to post this in.

Hello, I’ve been organizing a Roleplay for a while now, I would like to request some opinions on my idea.

The Idea:

//Karma is the balance between Justice and Crime. A player may gain +2 Karma for arresting a player, or may lose Karma by selling Drugs.
//Karma is implemented to prevent players from doing Crimes as a Cop or Mayor/Vice Versa. Sure they may be Corrupt, but they have to still follow the general guide lines. Example: Cop shoots man in Knees to prevent running when no threat of escaping is present. This situation would give the player some negative Karma.
//Karma can be granted to players by anyone with (- or +)30 Karma. Meaning if you help someone grow Weed they may grant you a Karma Point. Karma points may only be issued to players with smaller then (- or +)5 karma.
//Players with (- or +)5 karma are allowed to take on a base proffesion of that field. Example: +5 Karma would allow you to become a Medic, While -5 Karma would allow you to become a "Petty" criminal.
//Weaponry will be issued based on Karma rather then specific job titles. Example: You're a Officer and want to earn a Taser or Pepper Spray, you first must earn that weapons required Karma Level. A Taser will be 30 or so, meaning you need to be a Officer for a while before you get any extra Weaponry to prevent Rdm and other Roleplay Issues. 

That is the basic structure of “Karma” for my Roleplay, please offer some Constructive Criticism or any other ideas you may have for this topic.

What kind of RP are you organizing? That sounds like a DarkRP server.

Well, anyway, cops don’t prevent RDM, admins do that, cops prevent crimes.

I don’t like your idea because cops will start arresting everyone to get good karma, an criminals will start killing everyone, to get negative karma, thus getting better weapons.

The Roleplay that I’m organizing is based upon a Realistic Experience.

Also, by “to prevent RDM” I mean that on most Roleplay servers the police start with all of their weaponry like they are a trusted player. This is why I would like to add “Karma”. With such they would be granted better equipment later on.

As a response to this issue I’ll post another game mechanic.

The decrease in Exp, and of Money might be increased depending on the Crime Rates of the server. In Most Roleplay servers you will be arrested, wait one minute, be released, do a crime once again, ect, ect. The Law system I hope to add will be more severe, so the player must actually “Contemplate” what he is going to do and how.

--Punishment and Law--
//I will be researching crime rates and such to implement this as well that I can.
//The Law system will be Ideal and Realistic, this means if a player murders a other player they do not instantly get arrested and sent to Jail. A crime investigation must be done and the Murderer must be proven Guilty.
//The general charge for Murder is either Capitol Punishment or a Life Sentance. A Day in RLRP is One Hour, the Max Jail Time is 2 Days(A Life Sentance). For this you will lose experience in Skills and any illegal substances you have will be confiscated.
//If you are sentanced to the Death Penalty your Exp will be decreased by 10% and you'll lose up to 4% of your money. -- The death penalty must be approved by any admin that is on or by a trused govermental official, E.g 50+ Karma.
//Citizens may make Citizen Arrests which would mean if someone breaks in to your house you may hold them at gunpoint till officers arrive.(YOU MAY NOT SHOOT THEM INLESS THEY HARM/TRY TO HARM YOU FIRST)

Sounds a lot like TTT system which decreases the damage for having a karma below 1000.

People will work up karma then random arrest, since arrests give you karma that’ll give you even more.
But say for one second people wouldn’t find ways to abuse the system, I think it would be fun to actually have to work for a class rather than just getting voted or even just clicking an icon.

Well, I don’t think you noticed the following.

“A crime investigation must be done and the Murder must be proven.”

Meaning a player must actually have proof to arrest a other player. This won’t be like DarkRP where you shove an arrest stick up a players ass, you have to actually handcuff the player and throw them in the cruiser, before doing so the Cop must get a warrant from the Mayor/Judge along with the presentation of Proof. If the player who was arrested files a complaint against the officer for a violation of “Officer Law” when sent to court then that officer might end up Blacklisted/Fired depending on the severity of the case, and any previous accusations. Say the Officer walks around arresting people left and right for horrible reasons, such as “Loitering”, “Talking to loudly”, ect. This player will receive either a permanent blacklist and a Karma Reset, will be temp-banned from the police force, or a actual ban will be placed upon the individual. If by the slight chance that a player is arrested randomly then their Exp and Cash will be refunded.

i think this is a great idea and would like to iplicate such system into the mode im making.
can we chat about your idea ?

Sure, I’ll PM you my Steam Name.

I’d just like to say that this is a great idea, but you better make damn sure there aren’t holes in your coding. If people find one exploit you’ll never have good gameplay with it until you correct that problem.

What do you mean by “Hole”, well in this situation anyway.

I think he means an exploit. If someone figures out that a certain action will give them easy/free karma, it will ruin any everything on the server.

I was thinking of having fingerprint dusting tools in SeriousRP - free idea if anyone else also wants it.

Would be interesting, but to what point? It could be easily abused.

E.G. Cop1 notices fingerprint1,2,3 on a door near a crime. Cop1 goes and arrests owner of fingerprint1,2,3 which would be an easy excuse to gain “Free” Karma.

I once solved a mystery in a DarkRP server (Passworded) where a terrorist bomber killed 3 people and almost killed me. I found finger prints (The prop protection showed up who owned it) on a fragment of the bomb. I then took it back to the station and “analysed it”, and successfully arrested the terrorist. It just happened to be an admin and we put him on trial and he got 20 minutes.

I think it shows that over scripted RP isn’t needed. I could already do “Finger prints” with a essential script and some basic RP.

Yes, I’ve done some stuff like that as well. The only problem is that many of the roleplayers out there do not know how to use those elements of roleplay. They would demand a script for it, otherwise they would accuse the “Figerprinter” of “Hacking” or “Abusing”, stating that they where “Metagaming”.

Karma in roleplay is determined mostly by indirect acts so this system wouldn’t work in serious roleplay.

Karma system in a large scale roleplay deathmatch would be a good thing though.

Perhaps I should create a system based on game time rather then Karma?