Opinions On certain models (aka Transformers game models)

I have heard topics that people said that they hated anime, but they really hated poorly done ones. I just want to know, what is your opinion on the Transformers? Not just the games, but the franchise in general. Are they popular on Facepunch or are there just small numbers of fans who really want TF models? And I’ll be honest, I’m kind of impatient for this thing already.

I started a thread with other modelers on requesting certain Transformers models onto Gmod and Sourcefilmmaker. Sometime in November some people like pscientist started to work. Some products came out, but since he was new, they sort of not really good. pscientist has been working on models and posting his progress on my “Autobot/Decepticon soldier” thread, which is probably buried somewhere in this Modeling forum. pscientist then made a thread near the end of November about his first released models the “DOTM weapon/vehicle pack” and hasn’t been here since. And so far we had no word on released models ever. And since I can’t possibly do this kind of work is driving us nowhere. All we wanted was models of Transformers FOC, DOTM, some nameless soldiers, vehicle forms of the main cast, Bruticus the combiner and their weapons from their respective games. How did these simple requests became so lost?

what a small and simple request.

Ugh, what I’m trying to say is that how is it that games like COD,BF3, Halo, any other pc shooter you can think of, get lots of people working on them, but when Transformers from FOC/WFC are mentioned,hardly any one seems to want to bother with them? Did you read all of the post?

I bothered with the part that mentioned you lacking patience and pretending that it’s a ‘simple’ job.

Yes, I am slightly impatient sometimes. Yes, these porting requests may not be that ‘simple’ but why are you here. If your here not answering my question and just causing trouble, why are you here? This isn’t helping.

The *only *question in the thread that SORT OF related to this subforum was “How did these simple requests became so lost?”. I said that they weren’t simple which can easily imply that nobody will bother with such a large project (especially when there’s little to no gain).

Other than that, all you did was ask for our opinion on Transformers. That doesn’t belong here.

Alright, maybe you have a point about one of these questions doesn’t belong here, maybe you’re right.

Then again, how can you say that these requests have “little to no gain” when there are probably tons of Transformers fans on this subforum that would like to do these models that when they are done, tons of people will credit them? I’ll just leave it at that and take my question somewhere else.

Because cod/halo is mainstream for the children that make up a majority of the internet population and unless you’re making some quality animation, why would someone invest in something with little given back than given? If it’s SFM, you can do it yourself. It really doesn’t take that long, import>export>compile. It’s all about the shildren! =D

Once I have those models, I plan on doing some sort of animation with them. Right now I’m learning how to properly use key frame animation with other custom models without them looking like they exploded, while at the same time learning how to bring in custom props for SFM such as guns from other games.

It’s quite simple actually, as long as you have a 3d modeling program that can read the raw model such as .obj, lwo, etc. Import it into your 3d modeling program, blender is free but 99.9% stable. lol. If it’s a ragdoll, it should have an armature unless your importer broke it or the extraction from the game didn’t go right. lol.

But yea, just import, and export as .smd. There’s tutorials on youtube and if you’re just doing props, that’s even easier.

That easy huh? Alright, I’ll give it a shot, see what happens, and I’ll use one of the old TF threads to display progress. I know there is some sort of catch, but I’ll try it anyway.

Edit: Wait a minute, I need the game on pc don’t I? Damn it! The one version I had to get, and it was the PS3 version! Oh well, so much for trying that out unless some miracle happened.

for xnalara http://goreface13.deviantart.com/gallery/40979211

cool, but if I’m going to put some of these in gmod, which program do I use, blender or xnalara? What kind of program is xnalara, a 3d program similar to blender, or is it something else that is needed along with blender?

Edit: Do I also need Source SDK for it to get to garry’s mod and SFM? I don’t want to work on something knowing that I’ll be missing something.

Well, I decided to take it upon myself and make some Transformers models from Dark of the Moon game, and in 4 hrs wasted on my laptop I get absolutely NOWHERE! xnalara refuses to work, all the nessesary programs needed are either not installing or broken. And I can’t seem to get downloaded xnalara models onto the program when it came up the first time. Programs are underway to make this SDK compatible, but with my kind of schedule, I can’t make good progress.

Bump. wanted to add a few questions before I close this:

  1. Can you import xnalara models on gmod and SFM? How can you do it?

  2. How can I view downloaded models from that program? Where do they go?

  3. Can I make bones on xnalara for downloaded models or do some of them have bones already?

The sooner I get these questions answered the sooner I can close this thread.

  1. You can’t import models from XNALara to GMod and SFM. However, you CAN export the models from XNALara into the .OBJ format. The program comes with the option to do so, and it’s listed under one of the menu options.

  2. You view them by opening them in XNALara. You can place them anywhere for the most part, but you need to make sure that you don’t have everything scattered about. Making a separate folder to place each model usually helps.

  3. To my knowledge, you can’t make bones directly in XNALara for a model - those usually have to be added in separately with an external program. A good majority of models come with bones already added however, but that won’t do you much good when you export the model in .OBJ format.

Got it. Got TF3 Megatron on the program now, going to export it into .OBJ format. So Source SDK uses models in the .OBJ format?

No. The .OBJ format is what you’ll need in order to rig the models and export them as a .SMD. From there, you need to make sure the physmodel matches up as well and then compile the model so that it reads in the proper format. The .OBJ format is mainly just a base to use for having the model.

Ohhh. So Basically I need to turn it into .OBJ for it to export it to .SMD using ANOTHER program like 3DSMax. Then I use SDK to make a ragdoll in .SMD from 3DSMax, correct?

You don’t actually need XNALara to get models for it to use for other reasons.