Opinions On Leaked Addons?

I dont leak scripts people…

There is literally nothing stopping you from contacting them personally; I think most would be happy to sell a copy if you asked them

Ok. Thanks for your input. I was just wanting to hear what you guys think

And what if those devs come back to ch?

Well thats not going to happen anymore :confused:

That post made me shed a tear :frowning:

OP Please stop posting. Clearly you have no morals or common sense.

I get it…I am contacting the owner now though. I was just wondering what people thought. Sorry.

Blue bull resorting to leaks? No big surprise.

Yep, because I would just hate supporting the developers of a script cough sarcasm cough


Might as well just make a “Rip Bluebull a new asshole” thread so I dont have to see it everytime he comments…