Opinions on my GUI

Hey all

I just designed a GUI for a friend, just wondering what everyone’s opinion was. Its simple enough, and was pretty easy to do.


Ignore the red outline on the change it! Button… I got rid of it.

Looks weird that the button overlaps the border

It blends in when the red border is removed, doesn’t look half bad.

The borders are a bit annoying but other than that it’s not bad.

How long have you being doing Derma/VGUI?

Not that long dude, just starting to get things into motion. I learn something new pretty much every day.

I like blue, but it’s too blue. Add some accent colors.

As long as you are enjoying it, keep on going.

The border for the ‘main panel’ are all different on each side.

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Also the title is hard to read.

In addition to adding accent colors, browse the VPK using GCFScape ( open the _dir ), extract all of the MATERIALS into a directory, and look through those. Try applying some materials to the background of your VGUI, you can make some interesting VGUIs doing that. A lot of people add Stripes to the top bar, and backgrounds for other areas. I’m not saying add stripes specifically, but play around, it’s quite fun.

Here’s what I did by creating a POLY and rendering it with random materials ( including debug REFLECTION )

like this:


Experiment, keep at it as aforementioned!

You know, i’ve been looking how do that for a while, thanks a bunch!