Opinions on my HUD :)

Hey all

What’s your opinion on my HUD that i threw together aimlessly?


Time, date and the Garry’s Mod logo is extremely unecessary.

I disagree, considering it was a material test. The time and date, is pretty much a placeholder for where I was going to put the text for the amount of cash carried by a player.

The icon needs some antialiasing.

Why in the top left?

Isn’t the bottom right the standard position for a health bar and that kind of stuff? Also it’s not really that good. It needs to look simple yet informative or else it will just be a mess. Maybe take a kind on how other games do that. Hell, even Half life’s HUD did it right and isn’t just some eyecandy.

I disagree, it’s neccesary and even required.
In case I forget what game I am playing

Wait whut, that little yellow box that flashes in the top left corner usually reminds me I’m playing garrys mod >:D

I like it, Good job dude. Better then anything I could do with hud design I am terrible at it.

Looks generic and really out of place. Maybe change the colours and add some transparency.

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And change the position. Top left is a super weird place to put it

It’s original.

I will say only that it’s to big.

I know it’s just a test, but it’s pretty necessary to have an ammo and armor counter.

I concur that it’s too big, and I’m not a fan of that location…

I just made this a while ago, the pointer is nice as well.

Textures can be useful, but they can appear unprofessional if used wrongly.

Try learning to draw any non-static part of your HUD with the surface and draw libraries.

To be honest I feel as if, and this is my opinion, that a HUD should focus more on health and armor, not information about what day it is, and what game you’re playing. Like the health is barely noticable amongst the rest of the information.

When big game companies release their new ‘big hits’, many of them are extremely minimalistic. For example, take a look at Battlefield 3. VERY low profile. But, it gets the point across. Your HUD, to me, seems too bulky; too attention grabbing. I am noticing that many people are going overboard on their heads up displays, not realizing that a game is supposed to be based on the actual game play. While pretty art and colors is nice, don’t let it get to a point where it takes from the game.

If a gangster is chasing a man down, he needs to be able to see his surroundings, not a 300x500px box telling him his name. Any way, that’s my opinion. Try to minimize a bit, looks way to chunky.

It’s absurd that you think the time, date, and the GMod logo are “neccesary and even required”, as it more just seems like a lazy copout. Try replacing it with relevant information.

(Sorry for such a long post :v:)

Not really a long post, but a relatively right post.

HUDs are meant to convey information about your current status in the game, health, ammo, possibly inventory, extraneous information like real world times and dates is clutter. You want a HUD that the player isn’t draw to looking at, but can still read while focusing on the action. Having clutter is the total opposite of that.

Thank you for seeing what I meant. Many people these days are trying to put focus on a HUD, but don’t realize it DOES side track the players attention, which isn’t really a primary factor you want, playing a game. Like you said, Clutter is bad.