Opinions on "Sky Bases/Suicide Bases" Should they be aloud?

Just wanted to see some opinions on the above. Our admins are banning them. Do other admins do this?

My mate built one. I must say, I don’t really like it. I don’t think they should be banned though but I think Garry and the crew should introduce something to make them less impermeable (ladders?).

They are still raidable, why would you be banning them? Do your admins ban every house except for shelters and basic 2x2 houses while they’re at it?
I like the fact that people need to be insanely creative to prevent raiding as much as possible. It’s too bad that for now, you can’t really combine aesthetic + protection, but we’ll eventually get here. In the meantime, I enjoy coming across suicide bases and spending 30 minutes to find a flaw somewhere to exploit. These are nice challenges to beat, but never impossible.

Banning bases that are still raid-able?

The bases aren’t the problems, Base raiding is the problem. I don’t often do this, but here’s a link to some of my suggestions that will make the need to having sky bases less pronounced.


SkyBases are a perk for donators on our server… If you help keep the server running by paying into it, then I’ll personally go and build some foundations 7 stories off the ground for you. I’m guessing you’re talking about the ‘pillars everywhere’ design though, which many players mistakenly think is unraidable or difficult to raid.

Personally, as an admin I think it would be retarded to ban anyone just for building a decent base, or one that’s hard to raid. I wouldn’t play on a server with idiots like that in charge. That’s if you’re talking about the ‘pillars everywhere, real base 2 stories up’ design, or anything else creatable with normal Rust capabilities. As others have pointed out, the inconvenience of the pillar base outweighs the protection it gives, since at least 10% of raiders know the flaws already, and it only takes one to clean you out.

Now, if you’re talking about servers that have implemented the ‘Remover’ or ‘Vinegar’ mods, or any of the others that allow players to easily destroy their own structures, I would still say those admins are idiots, since floating bases are an obvious result of giving players that ability.

Protip: DON’T MAKE RULES YOU CAN’T EASILY ENFORCE. It just makes you look foolish.

P.S: ‘Allowed’.

Here is a link to the discussion about banning “sky/suicide bases”… Lots of people being assholes in this thread…

EDIT: Its on an Asheron’s Call forum. That why it redirects.

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Not “floating bases”. But yea, the bases on stilts, with foundations and pillars surround it, making it “un-raidable”

Sorry for spelling errors*

Ugh, yeah, so they’re just talking about the anti-C4 design. It’s easily raidable by anyone who knows how to use ‘the google’. Or anyone who can mess around trying ideas for a few minutes at one. So you’ve confirmed my suspicions that the admins are just clueless.

I’ve seen these bases and there is ways of getting into them, just takes a lot of time / resources, but when peopel build these, how do they get new loot into their stash? as a skybase is kind of a one way trip no?

You build a storage crate sticking out of the door, that way you can put stuff inside the crate, then move everything back into your base.

Some of these bases, once built, are literally unraidable in done correctly. They exploit the fact that you can put boxes onto pillars. I don’t agree with them. There are builds that are pretty damn secure using the traditional method, but don’t rely on any cheap gimmicks. I’d patch these things out.

Looking for more opinions, thanks to those who already put in their 2 cents! <3

No. They should be quiet.

I said sorry for the spelling errors! Lmao.

Any other admins care to chime in, Id love to hear some admin opinions.

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Trying to get other opinions so these fool admins can learn something…

Bases on stilts are fine, however a floating base if done with the remove tool is an exploit. Can you tell me you honestly believe the remove tool was designed for this purpose? No, it was designed for if you make a mistake, or need to alter something you can fix it.

Anyone making a floating base should be warned and given time to make it legitimate in my opinion, however different servers have different rules. If you allow it on your server then thats your choice and people will just have to deal with it. If its a server rule that its not allowed then the person/people should be dealt with accordingly

If you can raid it then why ban them? This is why I don’t play on private servers lol…

C4’ front door… place barricades up their pillars… loot house.

Fix an issue that will be fixed by content very soon?

Why waste Garrys time OP?

No, they are not. If you believe this to be the case, wager $100 on it and I’ll give you resources to build said ‘unraidable’ base on my server. If it’s not raided within 1 week (and not by cheating/teleporting/etc, but simply by using objects and placement ability given in the game itself), I’ll double your money. If it is successfully raided by me, I’ll keep the $100, if by someone else I’ll give them $75 (and keep $25 for my trouble and for being proven right).

So… Willing to put your money where your mouth is? Or will you admit that you were exaggerating when you said ‘literally unraidable’?

Why would you ban them?