Opinions on the best roleplay script/gamemode that exists for gmod?

Just wondering about your opinions on the best roleplay gamemode/script for gmod servers.

it can be past or present.

From what i hear perp is/was good
Darkrp has the most active community
HLRP seems kinda boring to me?
After the end is hella fun in the beginning
Gmod dayz appears to be fun
(this is all i know of)

Cant really offer an opinion in any way on the question since i have only really messed with darkrp

DarkRP is probably the best gamemode if you are looking for a fun and action packed type game style I would definitely recommend it.
however if you are going for realism and want to just sit and text chat (could be done the same in an internet chat room) and have no action and are not able to use weapons and have pointless rules like “shoot to miss” try Nutstript or hl2 rp.

I like Perp, since I don’t need to type “/me looked at you, then walked away.”

Perp was a good roleplaying experience. PERP is just like how DARKRP is played now, except it took more time to do alot of things in it. DarkRP is overrated only because people follow the same format for making a server and playing on it. DarkRP servers could be so much more if the owners were creative and the main reason why its so popular is because you can just jump right in and play it.