Opposing Patrols

Wanted to get back into my WWII posing stuff again and practice posing.


Do they see each other? Or is it two separate patrols? Who knows!

The face of the las guy counting from the left in the americans pic looks weird, but the rest looks awesome

male_06 has a fat head.

Great pictures Jim, your WW2 pictures are always great.

Nice pics. Do you mind if I ask -where did you get the US soldier and weapon models?

King of WWII poses.

It’s the only title I can hold with confidence :v:

The weapons are from BiA:HH. The characters are un-released so far.

Nices pics as usual Jim ! Really like the posing on the german one !

Awesome work, posing is absolutely spot-on!

Only nit-picking i can do is that the German to the far-right is holding his left arm pretty wierd.
(I mean, i’ve never seen anyone jog with his/her arm straight down…)

I rated funny because of your description. Posing is quite good, my main critique is that the lighting for the Germans looks far too unnatural. It works fine for the Allies, but it just screams spotlight for the German side. Mainly I’d assume its the shadow of the one by the hay pile, and how dark their background is in contrast to them. Maybe also a bit too pale with the color of the light.

I agree on the lighting actually. Especially that shadow on the haystack. It caught my eye immediately and made me feel like as if they were literally staged. You ever seen old war movies from the 50’s or 60’s like the longest day? That’s what it looks like for the German pic :v:

I’m still playing with lamps these days. I’m onto something but still need to work on natural settings for it.

Thanks though, everyone!

Good God, this is brilliant.

Is it wrong to hope that you translate these amazing skills into something a little more… comicky? (If you’d like a hand with the actual comic editing stuff, gimme a shout!)