Optic-Hosting Could we sell hosting for rust?

Me and some of my associates have recently seen the excessive traffic on this game, we would like to think about selling hosting for Rust since there is currently only 1 hoster. If any Rust administrators would like to talk I am free to talk over this forum post or a pm.

You don’t really even specify which Optic Hosting you are, since there’s probably 10+.

Our site is currently undergoing extensive changes.
Might know us from our many services including- Minecraft Servers, Gmod servers, webhosting, and arma/dayz hosting

2 posts, no working homepage.
That’s not how to convince garry.

Well we are waiting for an answer so we may include rust in our homepage.
Edit-anyways I havent even played Rust, my associates brought it to my attention

Let the Battle for serverpricing begin! :quagmire:

Would probably be nice to have cheaper servers.
If we become a host then we would base our price on resorces and bandwidth use. $150 seems a bit outrageous

If you can beat 200$ per server - You’re doing something right.

Public forum is perhaps not the right place for these discussions to be had…

Where should I ask the administrators?

Unless they know any details about the rust server software they can’t really discuss about that anyway.

PM? Simply ask for a way to contact Garry regarding business propositions? A public forum isn’t an ideal place for business discussion. Especially given the number of trolls that are here.

Try it over the Contacts on the http://www.facepunchstudios.com/ website

Optic, yes, please start hosting. Hopefully you will have a little more respect towards Rust players than some other providers. Ahem.

Not trying to be a dick (seriously) but it’s a really unprofessional to talk about it like this on a public forum (ideal-hosting), you should at least try and be humble to someone else that just wants to provide a service like you are.

I really want to see if you can host server with better Performence then Ideal-Hosting.Downtime like 80% Stop saying its still alpha just look on the United Kingdome server it is running perfectly !

Ideal-Hosting is simply trying to avoid having any competition so they can continue to ask for an outrageous price

UK is ideal hosting too. Maybe the ddosers play there? or its just not beeing attacked.

We will be contacting facepunch soon.

optichosting.net was registered 2 months ago so I assume your a new start-up and many new starts-ups lack any good experience. Many also die within the first few months.

It also looks like you registered the domain with inerol.com (appears to be primarily a web host rather than a domain registrar) as their company name and details are all over the whois record so in the event that they decide to shutdown or cut you off then they get to keep the domain.

You should of registered the domain with a credible registrar like gandi.net or godaddy that actually puts your name and details on the whois record so its technically yours and not theirs.